About Us

Lowcountry Bronze vegan sunless solutions were created to find a healthy alternative to tanning your skin without the damaging rays from the sun.  We perfected a sunless solution that would look natural on the most fair of skin tones.  After eight years of testing and modifying leading sunless brands, we founded our PETA-certified, all vegan sunless formulas.  Lowcountry Bronze uses only the finest ingredients, including aloe vera, walnut extract and Vitamins A, C and E.   We have replaced unnatural ingredients found in many sunless formulas with their plant-like equivalents, making all of our formulas all vegan.  Our formulas contain no parabens, and are erythrulose and fragrance free.  Our vegan sunless solutions are made to mimic your skin tone to produce a natural looking tan.  No one will ever know your tan is not from the sun!